San Pedro de Atacama is one of the most visited cultural attractions of Chile, preferred by millions of tourists worldwide, is considered as the archaeological capital of the country thanks to its geographical environment. The town is the center of the native culture of Atacama, who inhabited the desert a time ago. The museum Padre Le Paige has about 4.000 skulls, innumerable mummies, weapons and bowls in exhibition. The main economical activity of the area is based on tourism and agriculture. San Pedro de Atacama has a variety of services for the tourists that visit it every year, among which outstand hotels from 2 to 5 stars, restaurants and bars, craft, call centers, hospital and police. For adventure seekers, there is a wealth of activities to participate in, including hiking, mountain biking, sandboarding, and horseback riding. Stable climate make any time of the year a good time to visit here. But if you dislike the cold, June through September can be uncomfortable when temperatures are very low at night. Also, if you want to avoid the crowds, tourism explodes during high season, so you might feel overwhelmed by the number of tourists if you come from December through February.